International Allstars car meet @ AutoToyz


International Allstars car show/meeting was held May 15th at Super AutoToyz, Stanton CA. It look
ed Super AutoToyz was invaded by car guys. Many kinds of cars got together - classics, sports-compacts, low-riders, etc. 5ZIGEN USA had a special display section in the store. Followings are pictures from the Allstars show/meet. Enjoy!

The owners of show cars enjoyed shopping and hanging around at the Super AutoToyz.

Super AutoToyz might be the biggest retail auto parts store in Los Angeles area. 5ZIGEN had special display in the front of the store.

5ZIGEN spokes model, Jennifer helped us to promote new 5ZIGEN products, ProRacer Header for 350Z, ARD Roadmaster Ride driving shoes, etc. Our display car was Jennifer's RX-8. Her shoes for RX-8 are ZR+520 + Potenza RE-11.

Two female drifters Hiromi Kajikuma (left) and Merissa Miller (right) met at the Super AutoToyz.
Hiromi will have Gymkhana demonstration run at Extreme Autofest this weekend, May 23 at Qualcomm Stadium. For more information about the Extreme Autofest, click

Mini concert of a recording artist Curtis Young was held in the afternoon.

BOMEX USA had a display booth with SC3000 equipped Chevy Cobalt SS. I saw some 5ZIGEN users in the day. Thank you for coming and shopping at AutoToyz!!

Girl Power at the Super Autotoyz!! - Ani (left) the founder of a big Honda Fan Forum, met the drifters Hiromi and Melissa